Angela Maria Azmitia (b. 1990, Ft. Lauderdale, FL) looks to personal experiences, iconographic imagery and female stereotypes to build a collection of characters that challenge contemporary female tropes. Her work often fragments and populates thematic narratives with female protagonists, creating a space for the viewer to piece together storylines left intentionally unresolved. Regarding her figurative work, she states " biracial-identity was shaped not just by my cultural upbringing, but the experiences and conversations I gained access to as a white-passing Latina. The way I am addressed by others – as either white or brown - often depends on the context of the encounter. Similarly, the female representations in my work are neither overtly white or brown, but rather they are liminal, drifting between race and culture." Azmitia places her work at the forefront of female sexuality, rage, and desire, blurring the line between fiction, parafiction, and the autobiographical.